Monday, 4 October 2010

North Queensferry Food Festival

Saturday found the Steamie Bakehouse at the North Queensferry Food Festival.

The Festival was organised by the North Queensferry Transition Initiative. Transition initiatives are community groups attempting to tackle the potential impact of peak oil and climate change at a local level. Food resilience (what happens if we can't rely on cheap imports any more) is a major part of the concern of most Transition initiatives. The great thing about supporting food resilience on a local level is that it tends to be a lot of fun. People get together to create community gardens, ecourage seasonal eating and create local food networks.

The Food Festival grew out of last year's Apple Day, and we were delighted to help with our strand of a local food network. We sold out of our bread (well, a couple of bits of Haggerty might have slipped home with me!) and enjoyed ourselves at the festival. The other exciting outcome for us was that we're pretty certain from the level of enthusiastic sign ups, that North Queensferry will be our first new Bread Club after the new oven is finished.

Somehow I managed to leave without getting any of the gallons of apple juice which was being pressed. I'll just have to go again next year.

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