Monday, 11 October 2010

Autumn Spices

It's starting to feel very autumnal indeed here in Fife: cold mornings, mists, beautiful leaves, and - yes - mellow fruitfulness. We went over to Newburgh to the Orchard Group's fruit sale on Saturday. Came back with a lot of apples and pears, including the amazing all-red (and that includes the flesh) Bloody Ploughman. We'll be having a busy week this week at home with apple sauce, dried apples, chutney, mulled pears to make. Oh, and a new try-out - bramley lemon curd. I'm looking forward to that on a bit of Sourdough. Makes the fact that the nights are drawing in so much that we can have candles lit at supper time a bit easier to reconcile myself to.

The bakery has also been embracing the autumnal with last week's special - spicy Currant Buns. Toasted with a great deal of butter they made a fantastic tea-time treat. I think freshly ground spices are the secret of these buns. The spices get ground in one of our Spong coffee grinders.

We have a Spong No. 1 (the littlest) for coffee and one for spices. I'm rather hoping that the larger capacity of the new oven will mean we'll have to invest in a whopping great Spong No. 4 to grind the spices. Spong grinders can be a little addictive.

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