Monday, 18 October 2010

Fleeting pleasures

This is something which doesn't come together every year, but when it does, it's blissful.

This Saturday there were cob nuts under our local cob tree. The unpromising location of this cob tree is a closely guarded secret - squirrels have spies everywhere! We managed to pick up a couple of pocketfuls which, after some pleasant tussles with an adjustable wrench (why don't we have a nut cracker?), yielded a good handful of fat, sweet kernels.

The previous Thursday there had been russet apples in our veg box.

The Anster we got at the last farmers market had not yet all been scoffed.

We had whey and chicken fat, the critical ingredients for making outstanding oat cakes.

And there you have it. I think these things come together about once every three years, and when they do they make a local, seasonal, delicious lunch I love.

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