Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Welcome to The Steamie Bakehouse

Welcome to The Steamie Bakehouse. We began baking our own bread five years ago when the bread stall stopped coming to our local market and we found that we just didn't want to eat supermarket bread any more. Since those first tentative loaves we have learned, through reading, conversation, eating and experimenting, to bake bread that is, to us, delicious, healthy, attractive, nutritious, and respectful of the environment and our location in the world.

About eighteen months ago we realised that we wanted to sell our bread, and that it was good enough that other people might want to eat it! Since then we have been working on the bread and on our future bakehouse. That's the Steamie.

The Bakehouse is going to be created out of the shell that once was the steamie for the tenement building in which we have a flat. Steamies were communal wash-houses built on the shared ground of many Victorian and Edwardian tenements. When we moved into this flat two and a half years ago our steamie looked as if it might blow down in a stiff wind - and living on a hill in Fife, we get plenty of those! Right now it has four re-pointed walls and a window frame, soon it's going to need to earn it's keep.

This blog will record our journey in baking bread, building a bakehouse and creating a community oven.

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