Friday, 27 November 2009

From this week . . .

From this last crazy week we have learnt some useful things.

That doing an over-night prove, early morning bake and then needing to mix that day is not a good idea. To get the mixing off on the right foot we have to start at 8.00, and that means breakfast over and kitchen cleared of family stuff and into bread-prep state. You just can't do that if you've been baking already that morning. Things got so behind yesterday that Matthew was up until after midnight, and then up at six to bake again. We're a bit tired!

That baker's children do eat bread, but it mainly comes in the form of rolls made from left-over bits of dough after the loaves have been weighed out!

That a big bake is better than doing dribs and drabs. To that end we've agreed with Reuben's that we'll deliver bread to them three times a week and do no more than that until the steamie is done.

That I need meal planning to work around the baking schedule so that we have 'instant' lunches and suppers in the slow cooker on dough days.

That we would be lost without Matthew's mother, Rosie, who saved us on Tuesday after our first big bake by taking us out to the unbeatable Kushi's for a lunch-time curry. We might not have made it through the day without it. And she's going to let us store a big flour order in her lovely new garden room so that we can meet the minimum order for Green City and not have to drive to Glasgow again (in her car!).

That we need an early night. Now!

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