Thursday, 19 November 2009

A Trade Account

Today I drove with the girls through driving wind and rain to pick up our first order as The Steamie, from the Green City Cooperative in Glasgow. They have a minimum order, so rather than clog up our small flat with flour we don't yet need, we decided borrow a car to go and pick it up. Not a very environmentally friendly start, but we did combine it with a trip to the Burrell Collection for S and E.

This means we are almost ready to go with the small scale baking which we will be doing whilst the steamie is converted. However, it also means that our sitting room floor is covered with grains and flour. Better get baking . . .

We plan to spend the weekend perfecting the processes we will need for supplying the deli. We have a large oven, but I suspect getting the timings right for different stages of the bread making will take a little practice. I also have to grit my teeth and wear one of the most unattractive hats I've ever seen if I handle the dough. But my carefully crafted HACCP-based Health and Safety regulations say I must, so I must!

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