Monday, 7 February 2011

Laying it out

So the first thing was to lay all the blocks out dry, just to get an idea of how they would go together. I had several goes, and this was the prettiest:

Aerated concrete is pretty amazing stuff. It has a structure like an Aero chocolate bar, lots of tiny holes. This means that those blocks are incredibly light, and have quite respectable insulating qualities. You can also cut them with an ordinary hand saw; you can see some of the various sizes I produced in the picture.

Actually, useful though that is, I soon discovered that it was a potential problem. Every time I started on a new course, I realized that there were at least five ways to go about it and that I lacked the experience to decide how it should best be done. There was a real possibility that in finding out, I was going to reduce my entire supply of block to dust and miscellania.  It was time to get some help.

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