Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Blocks and mortar

The next step was to fit the blocks nicely and mortar them into place. For this we got Dave our neighbour downstairs to come and help. He is a builder and can do this kind of thing standing on his head. Ok, I've never actually seen that but I bet he could. I'd like to see it, for sure. I'm definitely going to think up a situation that would require upside-down brick laying.

So anyway, Dave pitched up back of nine with a load of sand and cement. First he built the outer walls and we mocked up the fireplace:

Next he set the fireplace and the combustion chamber floor:

All that stuff under the block is loose fill vermiculite insulation. After that was done we had lunch. After lunch we built up the front and the riser sleeve:

And that was all the blockwork done. Eight hours on the nail. I think I could have spent a week doing it by myself, easily, and it still wouldn't have been straight or level.

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