Thursday, 2 February 2012

Seasonal Schmeasonal

Provers, retarders and other electric temperature control devices have no place at the Steamie bakehouse. There isn't room, they're too expensive, and anyway, we're trying to minimize our power consumption. With us baking is very much a seasonal affair,  the details of temperature and humidity varying by the month. At this time of year, that means struggling to keep my dough warm and blowing on cold stiff fingers whilst I defrost the the van in the biting dark. Similarly, I LOVE cavolo nero, but I imagine I'd feel rather differently if I were responsible for harvesting the stuff. So in case anyone else is fed up with winter too, here's a decidedly a-seasonal lunch that we had today:

haggerty lunch

Griddled hearth haggerty (this week's special) and Cannellini bean hummus with paprika oil from Hugh Fernley-Wittingstalls new vegetable book (River Cottage Veg Everyday). Yum. Roll on summer!

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