Wednesday, 16 March 2011


On Monday I posted on Facebook in a state of high excitement, due to the imminent arrival of the finished steelwork. Well, it arrived and we lugged it inside. Yesterday and today, Guy, Dave, and Dave's mate Garry have been putting it all together and mortaring in the bricks. Here's the lowest deck in position with the bricks finished:

You can also see the top of the super dooper fire door. Here is the view through the oven door with the lid on - the view I'll have during baking:

And here are all three decks in position:

The top deck is around eye-level. Attentive readers will remember that a few weeks ago I said I'd like to see Dave laying bricks whilst standing on his head, and I can tell you that he pretty much did that to get them in there. I'm pretty cross with myself for not getting a photo.

I'm also pretty cross with myself because the top one would have it's lid on... but I was too mean in my estimate of how many bricks we'd need, and I'll have to go and get some more tomorrow. If Christie's have the right size in stock it should all be done by lunchtime, when the chimney is due to arrive. If I have to order them it will take a bit longer, which is a frustrating prospect.

Our completion deadline of March 21st (ahem, revised deadline), seems awfully soon.

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