Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Perks of the Job: No. 1

Here is the first in an occasional series on the many perks of the job when you are a baker's wife.

No. 1 - Left over pieces of sourdough can make such tasty treats.

You come in from a hard day's home educating in the galleries of Edinburgh, collapse in the kitchen chair and are at once bought a cup of tea by your two year old and an onion, anchovy and mozzarella pizza by your husband. You see, you've got to do something with those leftover bits of sourdough, haven't you?

It's a hard life, I tell you.


  1. Sounds tough! Looks delicious, lucky you.

  2. Just been eating your sourdough with some Anster cheese. Better than my homebaked sourdough. Damn! But so delicious and the first good bread I've ever bought here in Dunfermline. Well done -wishing you every success with the bakehouse. Shelagh

  3. Thanks, Shelagh, I'm really flattered. Anster is great isn't it? I'll try to get around to posting the sourdough recipe later this week. Matthew

  4. Matthew
    I met you at Nourish yesterday and didn't get an email address off you.
    Could you drop me a mail corrie@ginkgotranslations.co.uk
    Corrie from Falkirk